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Sonar Red are an Alt Rock, Post-industrial music duo hailing from the UK. Sounding akin to A Perfect Circle, Muse and Radiohead; expect hard edged rock and electronica sitting alongside subtle, emotive and beautiful melodies. Debut album Nonunion is a dynamic and eclectic release; thought provoking, aggressive and vulnerable.

Sonar Red comprise of long term collaborative pair Jon Diss and Rick Everest. Nonunion is the band’s aggressive, emotive and vulnerable debut alt rock album set for release in early 2021.

The band have recently signed a distribution deal with Identity Music and will shortly begin the process of releasing tracks from the album onto global platforms.

Sonar Red’s alt rock, post industrial leanings are eclectic and present as an intense and diversely emotive sound; musically aligned with bands such as A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Puscifer, NIN, the band’s softer, melodic pop leanings are balanced against a hard edge that frequently bares its teeth in the form of driving beats, raging synths and guitar layers. The more aggressive moments are tempered by delicate, intricate melodies and emotionally raw vocals.

Sonar Red were formed by Diss and Everest following a long term hiatus from alternative rock band Doctor Fonda. The focus was exclusively on producing music that was diverse, dynamic and intense. An exclusive focus on creating a submersive album that had something to say musically, lyrically and visually, rather than pursuing the current trend and obsession with stand alone, disposable singles, has been a central theme for Sonar Red.

Nonunion is the embodiment of the band’s year long creative process and represents the band’s unashamedly intense response to the experiences of our time; an existential exploration of crisis, disintegration, vulnerability and what it is to weather the storm. The album is a brutally honest, unsweetened assessment of our struggle against, ourselves, each other and the seemingly relentless pressures of the modern age.

Sonar are interested in working alongside other creative individuals in film, tv and the visual arts.

Sonar Red can contacted at  music@sonarred.com


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