E.A.POETS APPROVED/BANDS WE LIKE – SONAR RED Good Day Noir Family, our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Sonar Red.

“I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked the haunting melodies of their songs.

Upon first listen, the dark and intense atmosphere of this band immediately struck me.

A music definitely innovative that goes to explore new sounds. In some passages, this music reminded me of David Bowie.

Boundless creativity that becomes contagious. The continuous change of mood and harmonies makes these songs as unstable as a raft in the ocean.

But after a while of sailing, instead of just trying to stay in balance, you let yourself go to the movement of the waves and you start to feel the sound inside and you start to feel safe because you are part of everything now.
The raft becomes safe and you know for sure that it will get you to shore.
This music is not to be listened to but to be felt and you have to let yourself be carried away by the notes without asking questions because the answers will come by themselves.
The Ground Beneath Our Feet is Sonar Red’s Single Out Now!

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Basement Sounds' Review of Sonar Red

“Let’s get straight to the point. The latest single by duo Jon Diss and Rick Everest really catches your attention. The rumbling bass perfectly underpins the decaying sentiments of this lyrically-bleak, post-rock track. So much so, that by the end of our first listen, we felt like that bass, combined with the gloriously tempered pace, were going to drag us all under.

Sonar Red are due to release their debut album this year, entitled ‘Nonunion’, which is no mean feat considering the circumstances in which it will be released (there has been a pandemic, don’t you know). The duo have been influenced by alt-bands such as Muse and A Perfect Circle, but in listening to this, their sound actually takes us back to the halcyon days of 2000s UK underground post-rock, and the vocal phrasing and songwriting of the mainstay bands of that genre. Yes, the sombre piano just after the three minute mark feels isolated, like descending into an abyss. Yes, that feeling of isolation is only cauterised by the song coming to an end. But this is all by design. Without a doubt, you know exactly what Diss and Everest wanted to achieve when writing this heavyweight beast of a track. And ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’ encapsulates it all perfectly. 

The debut single from this hard-hitting duo is ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’. Melding the grunge of Radiohead with the intensity of Nine Inch Nails, the track is evocative and all-encompassing. Showcasing their eclecticism, Diss and Everest nod toward the heavier 90s rock sound with a contemporary flair ala Stone Sour. Yet, while there is a hard edge to their music, the combination of guitars and synths add a delicate complexity to the melody.

Delving into a world of inner turmoil and existential conflict, ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’ is brutally raw and honest. Gritty instrumentation and rough vocals complement the lyricism, but the harmonic melody adds an endearing quality to soothe the painful vulnerability. Not only that but the harmonic blending of vocals leaves a lingering sense of sentimentality and sincerity.

So what do I think of ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’? Honestly, I adore it. This is only their debut track, but I can’t wait to hear more of their delicate angst.

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“The alternative rock band Sonar Red is to release their 12-track album titled ‘Nonunion’ this year. Nothing is set in stone. The duo has already issued two captivating singles that will be included in ‘Nonunion’ with one more on its way. 

The heaviest of the so far released happens to be ‘The Ground Under Our Feet‘ (which will make its official launch this Friday). While the other singles begin with light acoustic lines, this one starts with banging material. 

The single is nostalgic to the early 2000s alt and post-punk universe. I enjoyed the fresh breath of the singles. They aren’t heavy; however, they still have gleaming bass lines and perfect pacing. The vocals are low-toned and mirror exactly that loveable 2000s sound. 

The single holds a nicely weighted backbeat provided by drummer Rick Everest. They’ve recorded “all of the drums via Alesis DM10 Mesh kit.” 

Jon Diss says that a “range of emotions” is something he “craves from an artist.” However, he and Rick did a fantastic job of incorporating that into their work. 

“We are getting older, and there’s a spotlight on what it is to be human and how we deal with adversity. How do we react/live in a world with increasing confrontation and adversity? I guess we are relentlessly a product of our time, seeking to understand why we behave the way we do,” says Jon Diss. 

Throughout the singles, there are lots of unique and different sounds going on. They all blend nicely together, even the eerie keys faintly playing in the back of ‘Asleep At The Wheel.’ 

Overall, I can’t wait to listen to the rest of their album.”

ROCKERS, CHECK THIS OUT!! We introduce to you – Sonar Red  🤟

Hailing from the UK, this alternative rock band has their debut track to share with us all: “The Ground Beneath Our Feet”. This is the track we feature today, and is due for release on 26th February. The band describe the song as an ‘aggressive, emotive and vulnerable’ debut single, and we couldn’t agree more. With some melancholic tones combined with dark, emotive vocals and driving bass riffs, Sonar Red bring a really diverse sound that makes you really feel their music.

The two-piece band comprises of Jon Diss and Rick Everest, and together they produce a diverse album with a real variety of music. Parts of aggressive beats juxtapose with some delicate, emotional melodies, supported by raw vocals to produce their incredible sound! We strongly recommend you check out their other music too!

Head over to their social media pages and Spotify to listen to their full songs and make sure you leave some likes!! 🤟





Sonar Red ROCK!!!

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